Flat Panel Mounting

The ultimate way to display your flat panel TV. Your display can be mounted on just about any surface with the capability to move in any direction for the ultimate viewing experience. Not only is this a great way to save space and aesthetically pleasing, but it is the best way to protect your family and TV from injury and damage.

Surround Sound

Bring the excitement and enjoyment of going to the movie theater to your own home. Whether it is connected to your living room TV or a dedicated theater room, having surround sound speakers installed creates a new experience that the whole family can enjoy. Many people think that adding speakers to their TV will just make the system loud and over powering, but that is not true. Adding external speakers to your TV will improve clarity of the audio, which in turn will allow you to enjoy any content at a lower and more even listening level. And when it is movie night, you can turn it up and fully immerse yourself in the cinematic experience. Many speaker options are available from floor standing speakers to hidden in-ceiling and in-wall versions. There is a system suited for everyone.

Multi Room Audio

Don't just limit your music enjoyment to one room...enjoy it throughout your home and even outside. You will find yourself craving music when you have the capability of listening to it throughout your home without having to blast it in one room in order to hear it in other rooms. Whether it is in the kitchen while you are cooking or sitting in your study relaxing. Even out by the pool while the kids are splashing around. Bring life to your home that was not able to be there with just your TV or portable audio device. Have your own music library or use an internet source to listen to at the push of a button.

Theater Rooms

The ultimate movie experience can be just down the hall. Dedicate a room to your cinematic experience. With a projector, screen and dedicated speakers and components you can turn that empty room into a destination for your family and friends. Just add the popcorn machine.

Remote Programming

Take the complication and stress out of watching TV. Most systems require multiple remotes to operate and trying to figure out which remote does what can be frustrating. Advanced universal remotes can remove that frustration and turn your experience into a single button operation. No more pushing a power button multiple times then trying to figure out what input the various devices need to be on. Universal remotes make watching TV simple and enjoyable for anyone from dad to grandma to the occasional visitor. Universal remotes can be affordable for everyone. They can be set up for a very simple system with two or three devices or for an advanced home automation system controlling lights, cameras, security systems, thermostats and much more.

Outdoor Entertainment

Bring your music and/or movie enjoyment to your patio, deck, courtyard or backyard. From rock speakers to outdoor TVs your outdoor space can be transformed into an entertainment destination for your family and friends to enjoy.

Surveillance Cameras

No matter where you live there is always a reason to have a surveillance system. Surveillance systems give you the capability to see who is at your front door or lurking around your home. They also act as a great deterrent. And with the installation of an advanced DVR, you can have all of your cameras transmitted to your smart phone, so you can make sure your home is safe from a remote location.

Office Buildings

Office buildings and conference rooms are constantly needing upgrades to keep up with advancing technologies. Replace an old CRT television with a projection system or a video wall with multiple screens. Have monitors installed in your lobby, offices or training areas to help improve product visibility and advertising. Upgrade the iPod player in the lobby with speakers placed throughout your building to create a better presentation for your clients as well as encouraging a positive, productive work environment for your employees. Let your office make an impression on your clients and they will never forget you.


Every home and office depends on their network and networked devices these days. As technology advances, more and more devices will be hooked into your network for one reason or another, so having a strong network able to handle the demands of your equipment is a necessity. There are both wired and wireless solutions available, which can work together to make sure your home or office is covered.


New construction...No problem! Have your house wired up for all the latest advancements before the drywall goes up. Having your home prewired not only gets you set for the future, but also allows you to build your dream system without the worry of drywall repair. Get outlets and equipment placed exactly where you want them and wire for the future. With a house in "sticks" the sky is the limit.